Growthline Capital’s David Walker Green Beret

As the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Growthline Capital, David Walker applied his skills and discipline as a Green Beret in the United States Military to the way he operates his company and gives back to the veteran community. As a former U.S. Army Special Forces Commander, David Walker Green Beret has an uncanny ability to lead a team under the most extreme pressures. This skill makes for an excellent leader within a financial services firm.


In addition to his extensive experience in the military, David Walker Green Beret boasts 17 years of hedge fund experience in a variety of functions within the business. His business insight and Green Beret discipline have made him equally successful at managing startup companies, turnaround failing companies, and rapidly growing existing firms.


With his 17 years of hedge fund experience in a variety of areas, David Walker Green Beret is as effective in middle and back-office roles, as he is in front-office management. His career portfolio extends beyond business capabilities with a network of professional contacts ranging from institutional clients to prime brokers, technology firms, brokers/dealers, administrators, accountants, attorneys, exchanges, auditors, banks, government agencies, and ECNs.


David Walker Green Beret specializes in analysis, acquisitions, business development, budgeting, business plans, business operations, commodities, contract management, fundraising, disaster recovery planning, client services, decision making, equities, due diligence, futures, funds, human resources, IT, marketing, and investment management. With expertise in these many business roles, he covers almost all aspects of every company he manages which makes him a more effective and relatable leader.


His company, Growthline Capital and the Green Beret Foundation, have benefited from this expertise with David as an indispensable contributor. His partner, Mark Shattan, follows the same mentality as David regarding discipline. From the way they grow their firm to the individual investments they make, David and Mark use the highest levels of discipline, which has proven to be a success. The discipline used by each was gained during their time as classmates at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and further fostered when they both served in leadership roles in the U.S. Army.


David and Mark also operate well under pressure and in high-stress situations, which is prominent in any field dealing with large amounts of money. They have been able to translate the pressure of a financial firm into a military situation.

Furthermore, both have prioritized specific growth tasks within the organization to help it grow. This ranges from compliance to strategy to risk management, and other crucial areas that are important for an institutional level asset manager.


David and Mark have used their finance and military experience to create an efficient and unique company with a robust foundation. Their approach to business is much different than the traditional corporate mentality which has helped grow and evolve their company, Growthline Capital.

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